Freight Shipping – Variety of Options for an International Consignment

When it comes to shipping freight internationally, it’s crucial to have access to a variety of options to ensure your consignment reaches its destination efficiently and cost-effectively. Fortunately, the internet has revolutionized the way we do business, providing numerous online platforms that offer a wide range of freight shipping services. These platforms connect shippers with carriers, providing access to a vast network of shipping options. Here’s how you can find online variety for your international consignment.

  • Freight Marketplaces: Online freight marketplaces have emerged as popular platforms for connecting shippers with carriers. These marketplaces allow you to post your shipment details and receive quotes from multiple carriers, giving you the ability to compare prices, transit times and services. Some popular freight marketplaces include Freightos, uShip and Shiply.
  • Freight Forwarders: Freight forwarders are companies that specialize in managing the logistics of international shipping. Many freight forwarders now have online platforms where you can request quotes and book shipments. These platforms often provide access to a variety of shipping options, including air freight, ocean freight and multimodal transportation. Examples of well-known freight forwarders with online platforms include Flexport, Kuehne + Nagel and DHL Global Forwarding.
  • Carrier Websites: Many shipping carriers have their own websites that allow you to book shipments directly. These websites typically provide comprehensive information about their services, including transit times, pricing and any additional services they offer. By visiting multiple carrier websites, you can compare options and find the one that best suits your needs. Some major global shipping carriers with online booking platforms include Maersk, CMA CGM, UPS and FedEx.
  • Online Logistics Platforms: Online logistics platforms bring together shippers, carriers and other service providers in one place. These platforms often offer end-to-end logistics solutions, allowing you to manage your shipments from pickup to delivery. They provide access to multiple shipping options and enable you to track your consignment in real-time. Examples of online logistics platforms include, ShipBob and Easyship.
  • Online Freight Brokers: Freight brokers act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers, helping to connect them and negotiate favorable rates. Many freight brokers have online platforms that allow you to submit your shipment details and receive quotes from their network of carriers. These platforms provide a convenient way to access a variety of shipping options without having to contact multiple carriers individually. Some well-known online freight brokers include FreightPros, FreightCenter and Convoy.

When searching for online freight shipping options, it’s important to consider transport services factors such as reliability, reputation, customer reviews and the level of customer support provided. Additionally, keep in mind the specific requirements of your consignment, such as size, weight, destination and any special handling needs.

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