Learn How to Know If you are an Online Football Fanatic

Everyone knows that NFL football is the most popular game in the use. One can argue a case that football is the most popular game on the planet. It makes no difference what time of year it is to any football fan. True football fans live for any news on the NFL year round. Here’s a collection of how to know whether you a football fanatic or not.

NFL Pre-Season Football

You know you are a real Football fanatic if you watch every minute of NFL football. If the games do not count in the standings, it does not matter to you.

NFL Regular Season

This is what it is all around for the football fanatics. Nobody should plan from viewing the games, anything that would interrupt you. With the remote in one hand and tons of drink and food in the other, it is game time.

Clothing and Apparel

Any NFL fan that is actually is going to have their teams clothing on. This must have list includes hats, shirts, ties socks, shorts, sweatshirts, winter pajamas and parkas.


This is where football Fans get serious in their teams. You should have a team football on screen. You will also have to get an authentic NFL football jersey of your favorite player. Other souvenir items that are popular include cups and glasses. Optional items that many football fans have may contain trash-cans, clocks, and lamps, outdoor screens, shot glasses, posters, golf balls and bag, bumper stickers, grill covers and license plate frames with your team logo on them.

Fantasy Football

When you are not spending some time in front of computer or the TV watching an NFL football game you are playing with fantasy football in league. You try to make trades to help your team win and go over the stats.


Do not forget to have your favorite football team’s logo on your computer screen saver.


You know you are a true NFL football fanatic once you buy a new TV for the Super Bowl and go out. You want to be certain you may have a big screen for your party.

Super Bowl

It has finally come time for the biggest football event of the year. You know you are a fan if you watch all 12 hours of the show and sit. Nothing short of a medical crisis will save you if your team is involved or not.Others know you are a tructiep us Football fanatic you have. This is your moment and you are not going to blow it. After the game is over, all is not lost. The season is not over simply because the Super Bowl ended. You understand that the Pro-Bowl game will be on.

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