How do plan Kitchen lighting, the four layers of kitchen lighting?

What Type of lighting does want in my kitchen how many lights do want in my kitchen How can I create the light in my kitchen work together these are extremely important questions that I hear all of the time, and the simple fact is, it is not that difficult In the start of the remodel process once am at the client’s home always ask them what they do not like about their kitchen while they are standing inside. I encourage them to move around and show me where the issues are and what hurdles they encounter on a daily basis. Folks tell me their design is bad because they do not have sufficient space to prepare their meals, or they do not have another workstation.

LED Lights

Meanwhile, I’m looking directly at an enormous part of countertop at the corner covered with appliances, canisters of bread and sugar, or a decorative jar of fruit. When I ask them about the corner that the response is always the same, it is to dark over there ore cannot see what I am doing in that corner since the cupboard on the wall is deeper. something like that. These are light problems as much as they are design issues, with the appropriate task lighting we could fix these issues and provide them more usable counterpace before changing their cabinet footprint.

Task lighting

Where to Start? There are four key layers of light to complete a kitchen, we could work from the bottom up or we could begin with the very important, they are the same and led light In the long run, the kitchen is a practical workspace and requires practical lighting first of all. Pay particular attention to those prep stations at which the vast majority of you cutting and chopping takes place, we need tons of light in those regions.

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