Get equal opportunity to learn what you love

Education is an investment for which you will receive the returns for the rest of your life. For the same, you should get proper learning avenues and ensure that you have got hold of the opportunity that came in your way. Not every student is fortunate enough to get an equal opportunity to learn and that is one of the most dangerous situations for any individual. Every educational institution should only focus on the values and learning that the student has developed instead of the grades. With that being said, we already know that grades do not qualify for the level of knowledge anyone has consumed. For the same, it is important to understand the interest of the students. Knowledge Tap Academy does the perfect job in that.

It was founded in 2013 and from then they have been focusing on only one thing ‘equal learning opportunities for all. They do not separate the students based on their grades but provide a one-on-one solution to each student so that they really learn and clear their doubts. The academy provides a level physics tuition and they have all the materials and solutions to provide.

a level physics tuition

Guiding the students in their way:

The tutors who are providing A level physics tuition in the academy have come up with Physics in Minutes which will make the students learn the fundamental concepts of the subject and enhance their learning abilities. An examination kind of practice questions and solutions are also made available to make it easy for the students.

Through their learning management system, the academy is able to;

  • Provide Online structured Physics lessons on each topic.
  • Give unlimited practice through assessment questions that contain video solutions.
  • Provide overall assessment performance to each student.
  • Give an individual assessment benchmark report that compares against your peers.
  • Unlimited solutions on demand that includes questions and customized video solutions within 24 hours.

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