help with money problems

Beware of little expenses – A small leak will sink a ship

It is a biggest challenge these days, to be financially resilient. To be financially resilient ccs which means credit counselling Singapore will help with money problems and manage to run some workshops on financial literacy and to be financially flexible.

What they can do

This program will make them financially flexible by improving economic knowledge, and maintaining debiting and crediting managing skills and they will teach how to get more income.

In this, there will be webinars and free workshops on weekly basis will be in English. These webinars and workshops will be mandarin language on monthly basis.

In this, there will be talks on educating how to manage money and crediting the money. Financial literacy is very important these days for mental health because to be financially balanced every person have to take a lot of stress. If the person know how to manage the credit and money management skills, a lot of relief will be for us.

Credit and money management skill talks can be attended by anyone especially the person who will work in an organisation like the manager, supervisors etc.

There will be CRP, which means cents-ible retirement programme, which will be conducted twice in a month on the weekday. In this programme they will teach how to manage money after retirement. Anyone can attend these workshops, the person who is interested and the person who wants to listen the ccs counselling.

Attending these workshops and webinars on financial literacy will gives us a lot of knowledge about financial resilient.

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