Pitra Dosha Calculator – How Do They Help to Learn Your Future Events?

Vedic astrology readings Have been a dominant part of astrology predictions since years. Enlightened astrologers and sages in ancient India practiced a very highly developed system of astrology known as Jyotishvidya. In today’s times, this has come to be known as Vedic Astrology. Jyotishvidya is practiced in India even today.

The word jyotishvidya is a Sanskrit word. The term jyotisha means Knowledge of Light. It may also be interpreted as Lord of Light since jyoti means light and isha means Lord. Vidya on the other hand means research. Jyotishavidya may also be interpreted as the Science of Light which is proof of a five million year old philosophy.Astrology

The Vedas were the Ancient religious scriptures of India. They still play an significant role in the religious and philosophical heritage of India. Vedic astrology has always been a significant part of the Vedas. The Vedas deal with a great deal of problems but jyotishvidya remains one of its most important subjects.

The Indian saint Parashara is our chief source of knowledge regarding Vedic astrology readings. He analyzed the workings of this world and the secrets of this world and sent his knowledge of the stars . These were written some three million years back by his disciples.

The earliest system of astrology on Earth is pitra dosha calculator. Although time has changed, the workings of the system have not changed much. The science of the system is quite precise and accurate. This is the reason why Vedic astrology readings are shown to be quite effective even today.


What the Western Astrology terms as birth charts is mainly characterized by the Vedic astrological readings. It is also known as janam kundli.

The main purpose of Vedic astrological forecasts is to have the prediction of significant events of an individual’s life such as landmarks, events, accidents, marriage, love and career. These events are calculated on the basis of the exact positions of celestial bodies such as planets and stars at the time of the individual’s birth. In actuality, with the assistance of Vedic astrology predictions of two individuals, you may even learn if they are compatible for each other or not.

Vedic astrology charts Are mainly of two kinds: the North Indian and the South Indian. The main information needed to compute the positions of planets and stars would be the time of birth just up to the second, the latitude and longitude of the place you were born, the time zone and the arrival date.

Thus Vedic astrology Readings can play an extremely significant part in understanding the future of someone.

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