Village retreats For a Sound Body and Mind

Nowadays people are so busy with their own lives that traveling must have a goal. For many who are too busy to take time from their hectic schedule, they can squeeze in their holiday into an overseas trip that is in fact meant for work. Work in the evenings and sight-seeing in the evenings, this is what the holiday is all about. The majority of them do not even stop to think when was the last time they’d spend some quality time only by their close family.

Therefore, if traveling also, indeed needs to have a purpose, why the purpose cannot is to spend some time with oneself. Village retreats are cropping up in all of the choicest locales of the world and together with the hospitality sector on an all-time large, they all are intent on providing the very best of services to their clientele. Destination spas and retreats are the ideal way to allow your body and head soak up the luxury it is deprived of in the daily life.


This village retreat is owned by Jackie and Andrew Diaper and the uniqueness of the hotel lies in its homely feeling. In comparison to grand and elaborate setting of another spas and village retreat, this one believes in simplicity. Yoga sessions, wellness guides and directions and health food are as much the cause of its popularity as the serene landscape of the French countryside. Begin your day by cycling around the sleepy city in the dewy morning and continue on into the lazy afternoons with aromatic massages. It is almost like a home away from home, only better.

This village retreat is located in the hands of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains and provides both indoor and outdoor activities to keep you engaged. The retreat is a haven for people who believe in the healing powers of this meditation and yoga. Experts from all around the world come here to share their expertise and experience. The idyllic mountains are fantastic for skiing in the winters and the woods around give an excellent chance for exploration. While inside, indulge yourself in the exotic massages and wraps which are the unique specialties of the retreat.

When the other retreats boast about their treatments, this one boasts about it cooking. This hotel cum spa has some of the greatest chefs in the world working for this. Wellness food and drinks are not just designed to serve to the guests, but the distinctive recipes can also be shared. After all, health comes from inside, and to keep in mind and body healthy, we will need to eat and drink healthy too, a philosophy that is extremely rigorously followed by this resort.

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