Desiccant Pouch – Funny Name But a Powerful Tool

We have all seen desiccant packs. However, can we explain their use to anybody else? The majority of the time we get them within the packaging material of a product we have purchased and they wind up going into the garbage. Nevertheless, these small packets can be a really helpful addition to your toolbox.

In Other Words, a desiccant is a drying agent. Removing extra humidity from the product packaging material of goods sensitive to moisture, is the principal use of desiccant packs. Packaging materials from digital products are the most frequent source of these tiny self-contained bundles with which customers are most familiar.

desiccant pouch

Rice is a frequently Utilized low-tech alternative many people may have used. Do you recall the few grains of rice in the saltshaker? The purpose was for the rice to remove excess moisture in the salt.

Aside from product packaging and transport, are there other uses for these small sachets? If the consumer be stashing them away in a drawer or toolbox for later use? Let us examine a few choices.

Uses For desiccant packs, commonly referred to as silica gel packs:

  1. Remove excess moisture from soaked cell phones or other electronic equipment. With all electronics, remove the battery as fast as possible to prevent as much damage as you can. During vibration, toweling, and whatever other means are possible, eliminate as much of the visible water as possible. But do not use heat devices like a hair dryer as this may do additional damage to the electronics. Cover the apparatus at a bowl of silica gel packs overnight to remove any remaining moisture.
  1. Maintain submergible housings on underwater cameras free from fog and water from condensation with the addition of silica gel sticks inside the casing along with the camera.
  1. These desiccant pouch will be another amount of insurance when added to zipper storage bags which contain various electronics or batter chargers.
  1. Keep guns and ammunition free from moisture in high humidity areas. Add desiccant packs into your gun safe to keep rust at bay. Remember to replace the packs frequently to keep them working effectively. These programs will normally be larger than those found most frequently in consumer electronics packaging. Check with your local firearms dealer.
  1. Preserve documents and photographs by placing them in an airtight container with desiccant packs to guarantee protection from excessive moisture.

There are other Desiccant packs aside from the silica gel packs. As these are more familiar to us, additional drying agents operate as well or better. Kraft has a bunch composed of an alumino silicate clay compound, which they assert to be cheaper than silica gel. This item controls moisture in contained environments in several diverse industries, including electronics and pharmaceuticals.


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